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Logitech is a manufacturer of PC hardware including mice, keyboards, and headsets.


G700(s) mouse has 3 red lights and cursor jumps[edit]

Description: The G700 or G700s mouse gets 3 red lights and the cursor on the screen either jumps around when you move the mouse or the cursor does not move at all. All buttons on the mouse do not work.


  1. Download the latest Logitech Gaming Software driver
  2. Uninstall your current LGS driver
  3. Remove the battery from your G700(s) mouse
  4. Plug-in the usb cable
  5. Make sure the mouse is On
  6. Install the Logitech Gaming Software driver
  7. The mouse will reset
  8. Restart your PC

This resets the mouse's firmware and allows you to use the mouse again.[1]