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Hammer is a SDK that is developed by Valve. It is commonly used for editing maps in various source engine games including Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, Portal 2 and more.


Hammer compiles but won't run map[edit]

Hammer successfully compiles a map when you click on Run Map from the File menu but does not launch the game.


To fix this, simply change the options when you are compiling.

Only VisGroup is available when you click properties[edit]

Only the VisGroup tab is shown when you try to load the properties of an entity or brush.


In the top toolbar, click on the IG button or Toggle group ignore.

Cannot ungroup instances for editing[edit]

When trying to edit an instance, selecting the part you want to edit selects the entire instance. Ungrouping the instance has no effect.


  1. Click on the instance
  2. On the top menu bar click Instancing -> Collapse -> Selection[1]

Ambient generic not stopping when issued StopSound command[edit]

The ambient generic entity doesn't stop playing sound or music when the command StopSound is issued. Likewise, issuing the Toggle command does not stop an already started ambient generic.


  1. Open the properties for the ambient generic
  2. Click on the Flags tab
  3. Untick Is NOT Looped